So you value your staff – what about your website?

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Pittwater Digital Website Management ServicesSo you value your staff… You take pride in your management style.  You don’t micro manage, but nor do you let them drift.  You are a constant but subtle presence in the day to day work routine of everyone in your business – so why not do the same with your website, it is just as important?

The Importance of Managing Your Website:

Ok, you could be forgiven if your thinking this is all going to be stating the bleedin’ obvious…  However hold your horses!

The obvious thing is that your business needs a website, it needs to be well designed, easy to use and most importantly easy to find.  Fair enough, but then what?

With over 650 million live websites, and another 51 million new sites added each year the internet is a very crowded digital space.  Even managers of the smallest business that markets to a niche or local audience needs to have an up to date digital plan, needs to be on top of what their website is achieving and what message it is conveying and most importantly invest (at least a small amount of) time or money keeping the business website up to date.

“The best way to view your website is as if it were one of your most important members of staff”

Too many businesses have a fantastic new website built for them and launched with fanfare and celebration of being cutting edge, digital and industry leaders with their wonderful new digital way of doing business – then within 3 – 6 months; they are looking tired, out of date, often spreading a different message and company image than the business itself and the new website is often buried beneath pages of google competitors.

TEAMThe best way to view your website is as if it were one of your most important members of staff.  You wouldn’t employ a sparkly new member of staff, dress them in your company uniform, stick a badge on them, have a party to celebrate their arrival and load them up with all your product info – then just abandon them in a sea full of your competitors with no management, instruction, without regularly reviewing their work, skills and achievements, or would you?!?!

Today some of the most successful small businesses know exactly what they are doing with their digital space and management of their website, they realise that the shift in operating a business in the digital world is not a that big, but that it does need attention, it does need some time and some work – but it doesn’t need to break the bank or radically change the way they already manage their business.

The answer is simple – manage your website like you would manage your staff.  A little input regularly, not over managing and not letting your website drift aimlessly – this is the answer.  It’s simple.  Yet many if not most small – medium sized businesses fail to do this consistently.  Many set off in the right direction, full of good intentions, however when the everyday realities of life and business kick back in the first thing to get forgotten is the website…


Pittwater Digital Website Management Services 2

This is the big question…  We speak to many companies and the answer to this question is often far from clear.  Is it the marketing manager, the sales manager, the owner, is it Gladys in admin or Sophie in accounts because her boyfriend has built some websites before?

  • Your business needs a single point of contact for your website.
  • Your website needs a pair of responsible eyes checking in on it weekly, if not daily.  Things do go wrong on web servers, sites do get hacked and often sites need to be reviewed many times to iron out any copywriting errors or coding bugs.  However the main reason you need these responsible eyes is because your business is constantly evolving.  Mostly changing through very subtle changes that happen daily over time – but this is the reason so many businesses don’t even notice that their site is out of date, looking shabby or not even working!  These subtle daily changes are something you and your staff adapt to – your website will not adapt or update itself.
  • Your website needs to be updated regularly.  Ideally weekly, at least monthly.  This doesn’t need to be big changes, re writing lots of text or adding lots of new images. A few simple (key) changes every month will keep Google interested, keep your site fresh and will most importantly keep some responsible eyes on your site so that it can stay up to date and fresh!

Some businesses need support to manage this incredibly important element of their business.


Pittwater Digital Website Management ServicesWe are well aware that to discuss something and have great intentions is one thing – but putting it into practice, finding the time to manage your site yourself or to add it as an extra task to a staff member is not always simple.


Easy one stop solution!  Pittwater Digital have developed a set of simple solutions that make managing your website and all the associated elements such as hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce, online security, SSL Certification, etc. as easy as they can be.

Our various Website Management Plans and tailored website management solutions allow you and your staff to carry on running your business whilst safe in the knowledge that experts are keeping an eye on your website, updating it, managing the associated elements and are just a phone call away.  No holding for an Indian call centre, no sending emails and waiting for hours and sometimes days for tech support.  When you need us we are local and just a phone call away!

Just choose a plan, give us a few details and we’ll be back in touch with you to arrange all the necessary information. Contact us here



graknowlesSo you value your staff – what about your website?