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Tired of your job? Start a global empire online

by graknowles on April 30, 2013 , No comments

Great little article from The Australian – Get inspired!

HIS web developer is based in Guatemala, his manufacturer lives in Portugal and the goods he sells are mailed direct from a warehouse near London to just about anywhere in the world.

But for Zoltan Csaki, a former digital-based advertiser and the brains behind fashion e-tailer The Affair, home and work is anywhere he wants it to be.

“In fact there are days where I wonder when I’m in Sydney, where it can be so expensive to live I could be doing this from the beach in Bali or Mexico or anywhere,” Mr Csaki said.

The 33-year-old is part of the new breed of technologically savvy entrepreneurs who have ditched their traditional, nine-to-five office jobs to pursue business passions once the sole domain of those with the cash to sink into bricks-and-mortar shopfronts.

“I was sick of working for other people and I was really annoyed by the waste in advertising, the waste of money, the waste of talent and ideas,” Mr Csaki said. “So many great ideas never make it past the internal review. That’s the business, but it just got to the point where that happened more than getting great stuff out the door did…read full article


graknowlesTired of your job? Start a global empire online

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