Some Top Tips for Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Using Social Media to promote your business can be fraught with challenges. How do you know which platform to use? How do measure success and ROI? How do you get traction with your followers? Notwithstanding, maintaining a social media presence is fast becoming a necessity for businesses to remain competitive. We got Tom Voirol, instructor of ADMA’s Social Media Marketing Strategy course to share some of his expertise.

How do you determine what platform to use?

  • You are likely to end up using multiple social platforms
  • But there is no point in trying to be on every social platform. You’d spread yourself too thin. Focus on the two or three best aligned with your goals
  • Factors influencing the choice of platform include:


  • What you’ve learned about your audiences in the initial social research or your ongoing monitoring, i.e. where have you found them?
    • If you are an ISP or telco you’re likely to find lots of conversation about you on Whirlpool
    • If you are a financial services company, you’ll find your audiences frequenting sites like investsmart and Kochie’s blog
  • What are your strategic goals?
    • If you aim to provide customer service over social, you need to present in the major consumer forums
    • If your goal is to be the knowledge hub for your industry, you can’t go past LinkedIn
    • If you want to demonstrate thought leadership, look at blogging
  • What are your content creation capabilities?
    • If your product/service/topic is highly visual, and you have the ability to create video, consider publishing videos on YouTube (and embedding them on your website)
    • If you have people able to write engaging long-form content, consider running a blog
    • If you can assign someone to monitor social media for a significant portion of their time, Twitter could be the go

What competitive analysis tools do you recommend?

How do you engage your followers?

  • Content is king
  • Find the emotional core of the topic and write about that
  • Write compelling headlines / tweets / link titles
  • Respond to their comments
  • Connect them with each other

How can you measure the effectiveness of each platform?

  • First define your intent, i.e. your strategic business objective that you want to support through social media
  • Then consider to what degree you want people to
    • gain awareness of you or a product/service of yours
    • change their appreciation of it
    • take action, or
    • share it with others (advocacy)
  • Next, attach percentages to each of these
  • Find metrics for your key goals
  • Benchmark
  • Compare between platforms, social media with other channels, and against earlier time periods

How do you measure ROI?

  • See measurement above
  • Attach a $ value to the metrics and compare to expenditure
  • But ultimately, over time social media won’t be an investment, it will be the cost of staying in business – just like your website, phone or email system. It’s a means by which your customers demand to be in communication with you

If you need to work on your organisation’s approach for social in 2013, Digital Guerilla can offer you insight,  effective and workable strategies and if needs be manage full management of your Social Media action! Let’s talk….

Thanks to Tom Voirol and ADMA for some great content.


graknowlesSome Top Tips for Social Media Marketing Strategy

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