Mobile, mobile, mobile!

by rlababin on November 3, 2014 , No comments

I feel like a broken record sometimes but there is a very good reason why I keep banging the drum when it comes to Responsive Web Design.

79% of Australians search for businesses and services using a mobile device. That’s smartphone, phablets and tablets.

Of that whopping 79%, 61% will not return to a website that didn’t display properly on their phone or tablet – even when they are sat at their laptop or desktop.

So it’s pretty simple really – if you don’t want to miss out on those 79% of people looking for businesses and services online, your website must be mobile responsive.

Here are a few things I hear all the time:

“My customers know my website – it doesn’t need to change.”
It does – because your customers are changing. If you want to stay ahead in business, you’ve got to get with digital. More iPhones are sold every day than babies are born! Seriously. Even the most loyal of customers will get frustrated with your business if your website doesn’t work for them.

“My product is very niche – it’s recommended by word of mouth so my website isn’t that important”.
It’s great that your customers are happy to recommend you! And what happens when someone recommends you to a friend? The friends picks up their smartphone and Googles you…

My website is only three years old – it’s not time to update it yet.”
It is. Trust me, it is. If your website is 3 years old it wasn’t coded in html 5 which helps it adapt its display for different devices. If your website is 1 year old it probably wasn’t coded to make it mobile responsive either! I know it’s frustrating but making your website responsive to mobile now will future-proof it.

“I can’t afford to spend $6,000 on a new website.”
No small business should spend that on a new website. If you are on a tight budget we can help – we can build you a responsive, simple and easy to use 3-5 page website for around $1,750.

“I can’t afford to invest even $1,750 on my website!”
Can you afford to lose out on 79% of potential customers?

If your sales are falling and less feet are coming in through the doors – look at your competitor’s website, look at your Google Analytics and look at your digital strategy and then ask why. I bet the answer is “my website isn’t mobile responsive”.

Pittwater Digital specialise in Responsive Web Designs that are sophisticated, powerful and convert hits into enquiries so if your website needs a revamp I’d love to help. So please drop me a line at or request a quote via our website.

By Rachael Babin, Digital Consultant at Pittwater Digital

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