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RAW – The Redfern And Waterloo Social Media Group

by graknowles on December 9, 2011 , No comments

Welcome to The Redfern And Waterloo Social Media Group – A Business Connections Agency bringing you closer to your customers and connecting you with thousands of new customers!

We in the Marketing industry and the savy business professional know that Social Media has become the most powerful application in our tool box.  Just as websites and the internet entered our world so too Social Media has lept out and bitten us from behind a few of us could have predicted it, but for most it came out of the blue.

RAW is here to simplify, enhance and maximize our clients Social Media Marketing.  There is no doubt the strongest and fastest growing form of marketing today is through the use of Social Media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and of course WordPress are extremely powerful tools for much more than just connecting with friends. They have the ability to work together with existing websites and traditional forms of marketing to provide any company an extremely cohesive and strong customer-focused strategy.

Why RAW? Redfern And Waterloo! These amazing, gritty, edgy and evolving suburbs of Sydney have and still are changing beyond recognition – love it or hate it, it’s happening!  Stylish apartment blocks full of savvy, urban, cool consumers are springing up all around the hoods!  Along with them are wonderful cafes, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, spa’s and lifestyle businesses all wanting a slice of the action. In support of City of Sydney council and The Redfern and Waterloo Authorty we are are working to promote and establish new businesses and services to help in the area and do our bit to make Redfern and Waterloo not just great places to live but to work and play too!

As part of The Redfern and Waterloo Media Group which offers a range of powerful services to promote and develop businesses within the area, we are the Social Media experts.  Connecting businesses to thousands of potential customers not just within Redfern and Waterloo but all over Sydney and beyond.

graknowlesRAW – The Redfern And Waterloo Social Media Group

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