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Facebook Landing Pages – stand out from the crowd!

by graknowles on December 9, 2011 , 1 comment

While there are many different Social Media sites available for specific business needs, knowing which ones to choose and how to use them might take more time than you want to spend.

Today Facebook Pages look alike for the most part. That might be because people don’t have time to invest in them, nor have the qualifications to create an immersed page, or maybe they simply don’t care. But if you own a brand, you should care.

A custom landing page let’s you tell new visitors to your Facebook page, who aren’t yet fans what you do and why they should click the “Like” button and start seeing your posts in their news feed or click straight through to your own website. Studies show that a landing page actually increases clicks on the “Like” button by up to 25%.

We help store owners, businesses and service sell through Facebook by creating custom stores or professional landing pages on their Facebook business/fan page. Our unique designs will encourage your fans to share your products and services with their friends, resulting in more traffic & sales and interaction on your fan page.

RAW Social Media offers complete design and management of your Facebook presence, along with Twitter, Linkedin & other Social Media platforms.

Following the initial setup we offer content management packages to suit your business needs. We can work with you and tailor it to your specific requirements.  Give us a shout to discuss our Pricing Plans which you will find extremely economical!

graknowlesFacebook Landing Pages – stand out from the crowd!

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