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Free tools to make digital marketing easy

by rlababin on September 25, 2014 , No comments

You know you need to market your business online, drive traffic to your site and use social media to connect with new customers.

But you don’t have a massive budget for digital marketing. So if you’ve a little time to set aside to create your own digital marketing materials instead, these fantastic free tools can help:

Google AnalyticsWoman using computer in corridor_800x500
This one is non-negotiable – you must have it and you must use it. Google Analytics will show you how many hits your website gets and where they come from. This information is immensely powerful – it can help you to learn how effective the activities you are doing online are, what areas you should be prioritising and what things you need to fix.


This one is my favourite – I use it about 15 times a day! Its a free photo editing software for desktop and mobile. Its easier to use and the dashboard is less intimating than Photoshop – and its free. It’s great for simple edits to photographs like adding your logo or some text.

Creative Commons
Whilst it is a must-have for creative businesses, not everyone can justify the expense of a stock-imagery account for every day materials. The Creative Commons search tool allows you to search for images online that are free to use – so long as you attribute the original artist. Genius!

Do you want to send better emails? Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools out there and you can send a limited number of emails each month for free. There are plenty of pre-designed templates to choose from too – you just need to add your own text and images. And the drag and drop template builder is great for those with an eye for design. If you want to stand out from the crowd or need help sending regular e-newsletters for your clients get in touch – I love creating powerful html email campaigns!

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your search engine results page (SERP) listing is work with Google. They own Youtube so it makes sense to use their tools! Youtube is free, it’s the 2nd most popular search engine in the world (after Google itself) and it helps Google find your website which will help improve your ranking. Youtube is one of the reasons I tell my clients that video is king when it comes to social media.

Pittwater Digital Local Digital Marketing Package
Ok this one isn’t free but it is fantastic value for money. Our Local Digital Marketing Package is only $50 a month – about what you spend on take away coffees. It will enhance your online presence, connect you with new customers and help you promote specials and new products. Sounds good? Drop me a line and I’ll send you some information.

By Rachael Babin, Digital Consultant at Pittwater Digital, specialising in web design, social media marketing and html email campaigns. 

rlababinFree tools to make digital marketing easy